Summer of the Fetch

What would you do if you only had one summer to live?

It’s 1988, and 17-year-old Eric is rock climbing in Canyonlands. His muscles strain, his legs shake, and he is about to fall to his death. He jumps for a hold at the edge of an overhang…

…and misses.

But a pair of slender hands grabs his wrists and pulls him up.

When he scrambles to the top of the cliff, he sees his benefactor, a beautiful spirit called a fetch. She tells him that if he lives his life to the fullest, if he tries everything he’s ever wanted to do—if he INSPIRES her—she will make him invincible for the summer.

But at the end of the summer, on the eve of his eighteenth birthday, he will die.

Eric takes her hand and accepts the deal…

Charlie Fiction

An amnesiac time traveler. A vengeful ghost. A race to save humanity.

Daniel has jumped back in time to save the world.

Seven years from now, his best friend Vincent will slaughter everyone on Earth. But Vincent wasn’t always a killer. His psychosis began at a pivotal moment when he killed Daniel’s lover, a young woman named Charlie Fiction.

Now, hobbled by missing memories and prodded by Charlie’s ghost, Daniel must escape Vincent’s lightning minions, stop planet-wide genocide, and uncover the shocking truth about himself…

Ordinary Magic: A Father-Son Journey on The Colorado Trail

A Real-Life Epic Adventure

Awoken at 3:00 a.m. by a loud voice in his house, fantasy author Todd Fahnestock grabs his Viking sword and creeps downstairs to do battle with an intruder…

…only to find his 14-year-old son talking on the phone, wide-awake on a school night. Todd loses his temper, confiscates the phone and storms out of Dash’s room only to have a sudden, remorseful realization…

Not only was that a bad dad move, but he’s running out of time to make any good dad moves. The boy is growing up.

The thought consumes Todd’s mind, and a plan forms to hike The Colorado Trail.

On July 13, 2020, in the year of COVID-19, Todd and his son embark on an unforgettable trek through the heart of the Rocky Mountains. They encounter breathtaking vistas, new friends, hardships, hunger, wild animals, and a death-defying flight from lightning. Hearts open and minds change, and their 450-mile journey becomes more than either of them could ever have imagined.