The Eldros Legacy

Tower of the Four Series

Hogwarts with an edge. Because what’s a little bloodshed among friends?

Ordinary Magic

A father. A son. Five weeks to hike The Colorado Trail.

Summer of the Fetch

It’s 1988. Eric has a 1967 Chevy El Camino, the open road and one summer to live.

Threadweavers Series

Become a threadweaver in the lands of the mythical hero Wildmane,
where reading is a crime and using magic could mean your death.

The Whisper Prince Series

Flip up your cowl and step into the deadly city of Fairmist, where droplets
of water hover in the air and danger stalks between the trees.

The Wishing World Series

Make a wish and visit The Wishing World, where children become their own heroes.

Charlie Fiction

Jump through time, trade banter with a sexy, cynical ghost, and try to stop the end of the world in Charlie Fiction.