Eldros Legacy

A gladiator who must fight for his life and win for the world.

Tower of the Four

What’s a little bloodshed among friends?

Threadweavers Series

A tortured demigod. The first sorceress in a hundred years. And a race to restore magic back to the land.

The Whisper Prince Series

A mage in search of the truth. A princess desperate to hide it. A prophecy that binds them both to the destruction of an empire.

The Wishing World

A world where children build the world with their imaginations and have the power to rewrite their own stories.

Charlie Fiction

Jump through time, trade banter with a sexy, cynical ghost, and try to stop the end of the world in Charlie Fiction.

Summer of the Fetch

It’s 1988. Eric has a 1967 Chevy El Camino, the open road and one summer to live.

Ordinary Magic: A Father-Son Journey on the Colorado Trail

A father. A son. Five weeks to hike The Colorado Trail.