Khyven the Unkillable – Legacy of Shadows: Book 1

A rising champion.

A secret rebellion.

A deadly crossroads.

After forty-nine victories in the bloody Night Ring, Khyven the Unkillable is a celebrity gladiator. If he can survive one more battle, King Vamreth will free him and declare him a knight.

But the king doesn’t play fair.

Instead, for Khyven’s fiftieth “battle,” the king orders him to travel through the magical noktum and infiltrate the secret lair of a rebel leader known only as “The Queen in Exile.” All Khyven must do to earn his knighthood is gain the queen’s trust…

…and betray her. As Khyven struggles to complete his mission, he is caught between a growing respect for a rebel queen who will do anything for her people and a ruthless king who will stop at nothing to crush her.

Lorelle of the Dark – Legacy of Shadows: Book 2

Lorelle is dying.

She gave half her soul to save Khyven the Unkillable, and its loss is burning her up from the inside. She only has a matter of days to find Usara’s abducted queen before the flames consume her.

But as she searches for the mystic key to bring Rhenn back, she finds only failure…

…until a dark elf arrives in Usara, claiming he possesses what she seeks. All she need do is follow him into the forbidding Great Noktum…

…and bind herself to the Dark.

Fleeing Khyven and her friends, Lorelle embarks on a reckless journey into the heart of a world rife with danger and betrayal.

Will the dark elf actually lead her to the key? Or has Lorelle become a pawn in the secret war for Noksonon?

Rhenn the Traveler – Legacy of Shadows: Book 3

War is coming to Eldros….

Rhenn has been abducted to the continent of Daemanon by the mysterious Nhevalos. He reveals a glimpse of the doom that is coming. The Giants have returned, and they want their world back.

He says he is orchestrating a fight against these Giants, putting pieces together on a life-and-death game board.

He says they are allies.

But what kind of man traps a woman in a cage with no doors, then claims to be her friend?

In an effort to escape his clutches, she throws her lot in with a scuttling necromancer who promises he will take her back to Usara.

But the necromancer has other plans for his newfound queen….

Suddenly trapped in a living horror, Rhenn fights to free herself. Can she outwit the necromancer, escape Nhevalos, and find her way home before the jaws of Daemanon snap shut on her?

For lovers of Dungeons & Dragons RPGs, this is a book from the sweeping epic fantasy world of Eldros Legacy.