The Collector knocks upon Brom’s door‪…

…tells him he is chosen.

Is this the chance of a lifetime or a death sentence?

Being chosen means Brom can learn magic at the Champions Academy, something only the most talented are selected to do. So Brom takes The Collector’s hand and leaves his family behind.

How could anything go wrong?

When he joins the school, he discovers the truth. He must form a Quad, the only way to learn magic. Bonding with three violent classmates is the key to success…

…and the only way to survive.

Can Brom bridge a decades-old feud between two mortal enemies, tame a vicious little urchin, and make them into a Quad in time?

You’ll love this epic fantasy, because what’s a little bloodshed among friends?

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Brom, Oriana, Royal and Vale have formed their Quad…

…but will their success lead to their deaths?

Before graduating, every Quad must take the Test of Separation, a proving ground that no full Quad has survived except for the mysterious demigods known as The Four.

As Brom’s Quad flourishes, bringing them ever closer to the Test, a foreboding grows in his gut. There’s something rotten at the heart of the school.

Can Brom find the truth before his Quad is thrown into the meat grinder of the Test?

You’ll love this epic fantasy, because sometimes the truth hurts, and sometimes it kills you.

Brom has uncovered the deadly truth about The Four, but at a terrible price…

He has released the magic in his fourth and final Soulblock, a certain death no one has ever survived.

His friends rush to save him, but can they do it without losing their own lives in the process?

In the meantime, The Four hunt for the identity of the one who invaded their tower.

Will Oriana’s cleverness, Royal’s strength, and Vale’s passion be enough to save Brom and escape the wrath of The Four?

You’ll love this epic fantasy, because sometimes friendship is the only thing that can turn the tide.