Episode One: The Quad

The Collector knocks upon Brom’s door‪…

…tells him he is chosen.

Is this the chance of a lifetime or a death sentence?

Being chosen means Brom can learn magic at the Champions Academy, something only the most talented are selected to do. So Brom takes The Collector’s hand and leaves his family behind.

How could anything go wrong?

When he joins the school, he discovers the truth. He must form a Quad, the only way to learn magic. Bonding with three violent classmates is the key to success…

…and the only way to survive.

Can Brom bridge a decades-old feud between two mortal enemies, tame a vicious little urchin, and make them into a Quad in time?

You’ll love this epic fantasy, because what’s a little bloodshed among friends?

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Episode Two: The Tower

Brom, Oriana, Royal and Vale have formed their Quad…

…but will their success lead to their deaths?

Before graduating, every Quad must take the Test of Separation, a proving ground that no full Quad has survived except for the mysterious demigods known as The Four.

As Brom’s Quad flourishes, bringing them ever closer to the Test, a foreboding grows in his gut. There’s something rotten at the heart of the school.

Can Brom find the truth before his Quad is thrown into the meat grinder of the Test?

You’ll love this epic fantasy, because sometimes the truth hurts, and sometimes it kills you.

Episode Three: The Test

Brom has uncovered the deadly truth about The Four, but at a terrible price…

He has released the magic in his fourth and final Soulblock, a certain death no one has ever survived.

His friends rush to save him, but can they do it without losing their own lives in the process?

In the meantime, The Four hunt for the identity of the one who invaded their tower.

Will Oriana’s cleverness, Royal’s strength, and Vale’s passion be enough to save Brom and escape the wrath of The Four?

You’ll love this epic fantasy, because sometimes friendship is the only thing that can turn the tide.

Episode Four: The Nightmare

The Test of Separation is over, but the real fight has just begun…

Vale has achieved everything she’s ever wanted. She is a Quadron, a powerful user of magic…

…so why does she still feel like a helpless street urchin?

Driven by a recurring nightmare, she returns to the city of Torlioch to banish her childhood ghosts once and for all. Instead, she learns the true nature of the dream…

…she has become an unwitting slave to The Four.

As she tries to break her bonds, she uncovers a powerful magic deep within the Hallowed Woods.

Can she master it before The Four wipe her memories again? Will any magic be enough to overcome them?

You’ll love this epic fantasy because sometimes a long shot is the only shot you have.

Episode Five: The Resurrection

Magic has brought Brom back from the dead.

After clawing his way out of the grave, he races back to the academy to save his friends…

…only to find he’s been gone a year.

His friends survived, and they’ve been living as powerful Quadrons during his absence. Oriana rules in Keltovar. Royal leads the Fendiran armies. But Vale is missing…

 …and so are The Four.

When the masters of the academy discover Brom is alive, they attack, bent on putting him back in the grave.

Meanwhile, in the heart of Keltovar, Oriana grasps at the threads of a mystery: a conspicuous amount of fours—the number of magic—has surfaced, and they all point to Brom’s unearthed grave.

Can she find him before the masters finish their work? Why was Brom brought back to life in the first place?

And by whom?

You’ll love this high fantasy because sometimes dead men do tell tales, and those tales can change the world.

Episode Six: The Reunion

Vale faces The Four alone while her Quad races to save her….

Clinging desperately to life, Vale uses every crackling Soulblock of her newfound magic to trap The Four in a labyrinth deep within the earth.

But they are digging up…up…up….

Soon, they will have her.

Brom, Oriana, and Royal gallop across the breadth of the kingdom to reach Vale. But the trail is cold, Brom has lost his magic, and an ancient entity stalks them.

In this stunning conclusion, Quad Brilliant must pierce illusions, fight for their lives….

…and reunite once and for all.

Tower of the Four Omnibuses

The Champions Academy

Episodes 1, 2, and 3 of Tower of the Four in a single volume.

The Dragon’s War

Episodes 4, 5, and 6 of Tower of the Four in a single volume.

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Tower of the Four Short Stories

A Tower of the Four Short Story

When a stranger heals Vale’s injured leg…

…she begins to believe in magic.

You’ll love this short story in the Tower of the Four world, because even vicious little urchins deserve a chance at magic.

A Tower of the Four Short Story

When Royal’s dream turns into prophecy…

…he is determined to go to war.

You’ll love this Tower of the Four short story, because some people were just born to save the world.

A Tower of the Four Short Story

When a bloody disease kills Oriana’s uncle…

…she doesn’t want to be a princess anymore.

You’ll love this epic fantasy short story, because when duty and desire clash, a princess’s choice will define her forever.

Pawns of Magic:
A Tower of the Four Short Story

Murdered by The Four, Tarvic and his Quad mates rise from the dead, reanimated by the mysterious Lyantrees. Now they are cursed to walk the lands, their bodies bound by magical roots as their spirits float alongside.